Thank you for registering for Wadsworth Youth Football Cheer Program. I, Tiffany Rybak, as the Cheer Director for Wadsworth Youth Cheer are excited to have your child join our cheer program and we are excited for a fun filled cheer season! This season will be changed up a little with Kindergarten and any 1st time 1st grade cheerleaders will be cheering for Flag Football. More information will be given at Parent Meeting in July.

*Mandatory uniform fittings will be June 25 at 6:45pm at Bird Park, or June 27 at 2pm at Bird Park.

*Mandatory Parent meeting to answer any questions and to go over general cheer information will be held on July 18 at 2pm at Bird Park.

*The first practice for Wadsworth Youth Cheer will be Tuesday July 21st at 6pm at Bird Park. All practices for the season will be Tuesday at Thursday’s at 6pm at Bird Park for 2 hours. (Except freshmen cheerleaders) once the weather changes we will be moved to in an indoor location which Information will be provided at a later date.

Uniforms will be handed out the first day of cheer practice along with bow. *If your cheerleader came for the mandatory fitting date*

We will have new rain jackets this season that all cheerleaders will be fitted for. This will replace the sweats from previous seasons.

Additional items needed for cheerleading that are not included:

  • Black lollies/spankies for under the provided skirt.

  • White body suit/midriff or solid white long sleeved shirt for under shell for colder games

  • Black leggings to be worn under skirt (not sweats) for colder games

  • All white shoes (no colors)

  • No-show white ankle socks